Spark plugs

Spark plugs carbon cleaning

Cleaning the spark plugs
Along with Carbon cleaning of other important parts such as Turbo, engine valves, DPF / FAP filter or catalyst, we clean also the spark plugs.This will prolong their live and will save you costs for replacement.

Why spark plugs get dirty?

Basically, the spark plugs are designed to be self-cleaning. However, when they become dirty cause misfires, loss of power and fuel consumption and emissions are increasing. Different model engine requires a certain specification of the spark plug. For various reasons, they are affected by leak oil from the piston rings or dirty flow meter that causes injection of more fuel and then the electrode accumulates carbon deposits that causes burning.

Spark plugs carbon deposits

Long traveling and high speed increase of the engine temperature, which is beneficial from the standpoint of self-cleaning of the spark plugs. However, short urban trips (start-stop traffic) is not a good thing, the temperatures are not high enough to support the self-cleaning, so carbon deposits are deposited on the electrodes.Ultimately, this leads to poor spark and misfires. Electricity sent to the spark plug forms a short circuit in the coil, moreover unburned fuel-air mixture simultaneously circulated (via recirculation of exhaust gases – EGR), which helps build carbon deposit and other engine parts such as engine valves, turbo and geometry of the turbocharger, catalyst and others, and the rest goes through the muffler in the form of excessive emissions and pollution.

The carbon cleaning procedure prolongs the spark plugs life, for 60 minutes, without dismantling.