60 minutes
no dismantling
removes carbon deposits
restores the engine power up to 10%.
saves money on expensive parts
cities in Bulgaria
countries in Europe
cleaned engines
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Carbon cleaning technology


Technology When adding hydrogen to the normal air-fuel mixture of the engine, we create pyrolytic combustion in the cylinders, which is beneficial in terms of the elimination of carbon deposits. By raising the temperature in the exhaust system carbon deposits become sublimate (evaporate) and go as exhaust. Thus coating of carbon (soot, scaling and deposits) in Turbocharger, engine valves, piston rings, DPF or FAP filter, catalytic converter and the entire exhaust system is removed permanently from the basic elements of the engine to allow your vehicle to “breathe” and work properly.

Carbon cleaning check engine


The car does not have a "high carbon carbon" indication and it starts losing its dynamic indicators.In the extreme cases you may notice "Check Engine" on the dashboard. All this can be prevented by Engine Carbon Cleaning.

Carbon cleaning solution


The Carbon Cleaner Machine is designed and made in the European Union.Thanks to our 10 year experience in hydrogen technologies, we were able to develop a unique technology to produce enough hydrogen to remove 85% of existing carbon deposits.

Simple, clean and easy

You can see how easy it is to remove the carbon deposits with Carbon Cleaner

up to 3500 c.c.

over 3500 c.c.